Meet Athena

Elevate your AI experience on iOS and Mac

More than a pretty (inter)face

Explore the features behind Athena's best-in-class AI experience that sets it apart from the rest.


Glide through smooth navigation and familiar gestures for a top-notch user experience.


Our privacy-centric app safeguards your personal data, ensuring it remains on your device.


Resizable text, dictation, haptic feedback, and sound chimes make for an accessible experience.

Prompt tips

Discover inspiring, well-crafted prompts for optimal, tailored responses.

Offline mode

Easily browse your previous conversations even while offline.


Response text is richly formatted with markdown.

Dark mode

Boost focus and safeguard your eyes with dark mode - perfect for night owls or darker aesthetic lovers.

Multiple topics

Effortlessly handle multiple topics simultaneously and retain history on your device.

We're just getting started

We are dedicated to enhancing Athena, continually adding exciting features to elevate your AI experience even further!

Ask and you shall receive

Your versatile AI assistant for information, advice, creativity, and problem-solving across numerous topics and tasks. You need only #AskAthena.

I've been working on an essay for school, can you help me improve it and make my writing more engaging?

Athena can assist with writing or editing essays, articles, stories, or other content.

I am currently learning Spanish, would you help me learn by having a conversation with me in Spanish?

You can ask Athena to put on an act as anything you would like and she will respond as such.

I am writing a sci-fi book, could you help me come up with ideas for characters?

You can ask Athena to help generate ideas for projects, stories, or other creative endeavors.

Can you explain what this Python code does and how I can reimplement it in Swift?

Athena can be your coding copilot providing guidance on programming concepts and helping with code debugging or optimization.

I have a book writtern in German, can you translate it to English for me?

You can provide Athena with the text you would like translated and specify the source and target languages, she will handle the rest.

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We can only take on a limited number of users for now, but for a chance to be one of the first to get to use Athena sign up for the waitlist.


macOS 13.0 or later


iOS 16.0 or later


iPadOS 16.1 or later

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